James Earl Baumgartner

Sad news: Jim Baumgartner passed away. See here.

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  1. Peter says:

    That’s very sad news indeed.


  2. That is sad.

    (*) I will always associate Jim with the phrase “Just Baumgartner it!”. Simon Thomas’s word for bringing in an ultrafilter, seemingly for no reason, and letting it guide your decisions.

    (**) I would also like to note that Jim shares his first two names with the actor who portrayed Darth Vader.


  3. This is very sad news indeed. The email sent around Dartmouth said that he passed away while his whole family was visiting for the holidays, so Jim was fortunate to spend his last moments surrounded by family and high spirits.


  4. saf says:

    Baumgartner proved that, in contrast to (weak) square, partial square may hold at a singular cardinal (of any cofinality) above a supercomapct carinal. He also proved that after collapsing a weakly comapct cardinal to $\omega_2$, every statinoary subset of $S^2_0$ reflects.

    These two gems together with an additional argument shows that $\square^*_{\aleph_{\omega_1}}$ may be introduced by a cofinality-preserving small forcing.


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