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A remark on Schimmerling’s question

Joint work with Ari Meir Brodsky. Abstract. Schimmerling asked whether $\square^*_\lambda$ together with GCH entails the existence of a $\lambda^+$-Souslin tree, for a singular cardinal $\lambda$. Here, we provide an affirmative answer under the additional assumption that there exists a … Continue reading

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Weak square and stationary reflection

Joint work with Gunter Fuchs. Abstract. It is well-known that the square principle $\square_\lambda$ entails the existence of a non-reflecting stationary subset of $\lambda^+$, whereas the weak square principle $\square^*_\lambda$ does not. Here we show that if $\mu^{cf(\lambda)}<\lambda$ for all $\mu<\lambda$, … Continue reading

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The search for diamonds

Abstract: This is a review I wrote for the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic  on the following papers: Saharon Shelah, Middle Diamond, Archive for Mathematical Logic, vol. 44 (2005), pp. 527–560. Saharon Shelah, Diamonds, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, vol. … Continue reading

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A cofinality-preserving small forcing may introduce a special Aronszajn tree

Extended Abstract: Shelah proved that Cohen forcing introduces a Souslin tree; Jensen proved that a c.c.c. forcing may consistently add a Kurepa tree; Todorcevic proved that a Knaster poset may already force the Kurepa hypothesis; Irrgang introduced a c.c.c. notion … Continue reading

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Young Researchers in Set Theory, March 2011

These are the slides of a talk I gave at the Young Researchers in Set Theory 2011 meeting (Königswinter, 21–25 March 2011). Talk Title: Around Jensen’s square principle Abstract: Jensen‘s square principle for a cardinal $\lambda$ asserts the existence of a particular ladder … Continue reading

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