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Rectangular square-bracket operation for successor of regular cardinals

Joint work with Stevo Todorcevic. Extended Abstract: Consider the coloring statement $\lambda^+\nrightarrow[\lambda^+;\lambda^+]^2_{\lambda^+}$ for a given regular cardinal $\lambda$: In 1990, Shelah proved the above for $\lambda>2^{\aleph_0}$; In 1991, Shelah proved the above for $\lambda>\aleph_1$; In 1997, Shelah proved the above … Continue reading

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On guessing generalized clubs at the successors of regulars

Abstract: Konig, Larson and Yoshinobu initiated the study of principles for guessing generalized clubs, and introduced a construction of an higher Souslin tree from the strong guessing principle. Complementary to the author’s work on the validity of diamond and non-saturation … Continue reading

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