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A forcing axiom deciding the generalized Souslin Hypothesis

Joint work with Chris Lambie-Hanson. Abstract. We derive a forcing axiom from the conjunction of square and diamond, and present a few applications, primary among them being the existence of super-Souslin trees. It follows that for every uncountable cardinal $\lambda$, … Continue reading

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Reflection on the coloring and chromatic numbers

Joint work with Chris Lambie-Hanson. Abstract.  We prove that reflection of the coloring number of graphs is consistent with non-reflection of the chromatic number.  Moreover, it is proved that incompactness for the chromatic number of graphs (with arbitrarily large gaps) … Continue reading

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The reflection principle $R_2$

A few years ago, in this paper, I introduced the following reflection principle: Definition. $R_2(\theta,\kappa)$ asserts that for every function $f:E^\theta_{<\kappa}\rightarrow\kappa$, there exists some $j<\kappa$ for which the following set is nonstationary: $$A_j:=\{\delta\in E^\theta_\kappa\mid f^{-1}[j]\cap\delta\text{ is nonstationary}\}.$$ I wrote there … Continue reading

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Higher Souslin trees and the GCH, revisited

Abstract.  It is proved that for every uncountable cardinal $\lambda$, GCH+$\square(\lambda^+)$ entails the existence of a $\text{cf}(\lambda)$-complete $\lambda^+$-Souslin tree. In particular, if GCH holds and there are no $\aleph_2$-Souslin trees, then $\aleph_2$ is weakly compact in Godel’s constructible universe, improving … Continue reading

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A Microscopic approach to Souslin-tree constructions. Part I

Joint work with Ari Meir Brodsky. Abstract.  We propose a parameterized proxy principle from which $\kappa$-Souslin trees with various additional features can be constructed, regardless of the identity of $\kappa$. We then introduce the microscopic approach, which is a simple … Continue reading

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Square with built-in diamond-plus

Joint work with Ralf Schindler. Abstract. We formulate combinatorial principles that combine the square principle with various strong forms of diamond, and prove that the strongest amongst them holds in $L$ for every infinite cardinal. As an application, we prove that … Continue reading

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Putting a diamond inside the square

Abstract. By a 35-year-old theorem of Shelah, $\square_\lambda+\diamondsuit(\lambda^+)$ does not imply square-with-built-in-diamond_lambda for regular uncountable cardinals $\lambda$. Here, it is proved that $\square_\lambda+\diamondsuit(\lambda^+)$ is equivalent to square-with-built-in-diamond_lambda for every singular cardinal $\lambda$. Downloads: Citation information: A. Rinot, Putting a diamond inside … Continue reading

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Chain conditions of products, and weakly compact cardinals

Abstract.  The history of productivity of the $\kappa$-chain condition in partial orders, topological spaces, or Boolean algebras is surveyed, and its connection to the set-theoretic notion of a weakly compact cardinal is highlighted. Then, it is proved that for every … Continue reading

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Square principles

Since the birth of Jensen’s original Square principle, many variations of the principle were introduced and intensively studied. Asaf Karagila suggested me today to put some order into all of these principles. Here is a trial. Definition. A square principle … Continue reading

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The order-type of clubs in a square sequence

Recall Jensen’s notion of square: Definition (Jensen): For an infinite cardinal $\lambda$, $\square_\lambda$ asserts the existence of a sequence $\overrightarrow C=\left\langle C_\alpha\mid\alpha\in\text{acc}(\lambda^+)\right\rangle$ such that for every limit $\alpha<\lambda^+$: $C_\alpha$ is a club subset of $\alpha$ of order-type $\le\lambda$; if $\beta\in\text{acc}(C_\alpha)$, … Continue reading

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