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On topological spaces of singular density and minimal weight

Abstract: We introduce a weakening of the Generalized Continuum Hypothesis, which we will refer to as the Prevalent Singular cardinals Hypothesis (PSH), and show it implies that every topological space of density and weight $\aleph_{\omega_1}$ is not hereditarily Lindelöf. The assumption … Continue reading

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Workshop on Set Theory and its Applications, February 2007

These are the slides of a talk given at the Workshop on Set Theory and its Applications workshop (Weizmann Institute, February 19, 2007). Talk Title: Nets of spaces having singular density Abstract: The weight of a topological space X is the … Continue reading

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On the consistency strength of the Milner-Sauer conjecture

Abstract: In their paper from 1981, Milner and Sauer conjectured that for any poset $\mathbb P$, if $\text{cf}(\mathbb P)$ is a singular cardinal $\lambda$, then $\mathbb P$ must contain an antichain of size $\text{cf}(\lambda)$. The conjecture is consistent and known … Continue reading

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