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Logic in Hungary, August 2005

These are the slides of a contributed talk given at the Logic in Hungary 2005 meeting (Budapest, 5–11 August 2005). Talk Title: On the consistency strength of the Milner-Sauer Conjecture Abstract: In their paper from 1981, after learning about Pouzet‘s theorem that any … Continue reading

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A topological reflection principle equivalent to Shelah’s strong hypothesis

Abstract: We notice that Shelah’s Strong Hypothesis (SSH) is equivalent to the following reflection principle: Suppose $\mathbb X$ is an (infinite) first-countable space whose density is a regular cardinal, $\kappa$. If every separable subspace of $\mathbb X$ is of cardinality at most … Continue reading

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Openly generated Boolean algebras and the Fodor-type reflection principle

Joint work with Sakaé Fuchino. Abstract: We prove that the Fodor-type Reflection Principle (FRP) is equivalent to the assertion that any Boolean algebra is openly generated if and only if it is $\aleph _2$-projective. Previously it was known that this … Continue reading

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The failure of diamond on a reflecting stationary set

Joint work with Moti Gitik. Abstract: It is shown that the failure of $\diamondsuit_S$, for a subset $S\subseteq\aleph_{\omega+1}$ that reflects stationarily often, is consistent with GCH and $\text{AP}_{\aleph_\omega}$, relatively to the existence of a supercompact cardinal. This should be comapred with … Continue reading

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On the consistency strength of the Milner-Sauer conjecture

Abstract: In their paper from 1981, Milner and Sauer conjectured that for any poset $\mathbb P$, if $\text{cf}(\mathbb P)$ is a singular cardinal $\lambda$, then $\mathbb P$ must contain an antichain of size $\text{cf}(\lambda)$. The conjecture is consistent and known … Continue reading

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