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The reflection principle $R_2$

A few years ago, in this paper, I introduced the following reflection principle: Definition. $R_2(\theta,\kappa)$ asserts that for every function $f:E^\theta_{<\kappa}\rightarrow\kappa$, there exists some $j<\kappa$ for which the following set is nonstationary: $$A_j:=\{\delta\in E^\theta_\kappa\mid f^{-1}[j]\cap\delta\text{ is nonstationary}\}.$$ I wrote there … Continue reading

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The chromatic numbers of the Erdos-Hajnal graphs

Recall that a coloring $c:G\rightarrow\kappa$ of an (undirected) graph $(G,E)$ is said to be chromatic if $c(v_1)\neq c(v_2)$ whenever $\{v_1,v_2\}\in E$. Then, the chromatic number of a graph $(G,E)$ is the least cardinal $\kappa$ for which there exists a chromatic … Continue reading

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