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Prolific Souslin trees

In a paper from 1971, Erdos and Hajnal asked whether (assuming CH) every coloring witnessing $\aleph_1\nrightarrow[\aleph_1]^2_3$ has a rainbow triangle. The negative solution was given in a 1975 paper by Shelah, and the proof and relevant definitions may be found … Continue reading

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Polychromatic colorings

These are lectures notes of two talks Dani Livne gave in our Infinite Combinatorics seminar. I did not take notes in real-time, hence, all possible mistakes here are due to myself. Recall that a function $f:A\rightarrow B$ is said to … Continue reading

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Comparing rectangles with squares through rainbow sets

In Todorcevic’s class last week, he proved all the results of Chapter 8 from his Walks on Ordinals book, up to (and including) Theorem 8.1.11. The upshots are as follows: Every regular infinite cardinal $\theta$ admits a naturally defined function … Continue reading

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