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More notions of forcing add a Souslin tree

Joint work with Ari Meir Brodsky. Abstract.   An $\aleph_1$-Souslin tree is a complicated combinatorial object whose existence cannot be decided on the grounds of ZFC alone. But 15 years after Tennenbaum and independently Jech devised notions of forcing for introducing … Continue reading

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Prikry forcing may add a Souslin tree

A celebrated theorem of Shelah states that adding a Cohen real introduces a Souslin tree. Are there any other examples of notions of forcing that add a $\kappa$-Souslin tree? and why is this of interest? My motivation comes from a … Continue reading

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Prikry Forcing

Recall that the chromatic number of a (symmetric) graph $(G,E)$, denoted $\text{Chr}(G,E)$, is the least (possible finite) cardinal $\kappa$, for which there exists a coloring $c:G\rightarrow\kappa$ such that $gEh$ entails $c(g)\neq c(h)$. Given a forcing notion $\mathbb P$, it is … Continue reading

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