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Weak square and stationary reflection

Joint work with Gunter Fuchs. Abstract. It is well-known that the square principle $\square_\lambda$ entails the existence of a non-reflecting stationary subset of $\lambda^+$, whereas the weak square principle $\square^*_\lambda$ does not. Here we show that if $\mu^{cf(\lambda)}<\lambda$ for all $\mu<\lambda$, … Continue reading

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A forcing axiom deciding the generalized Souslin Hypothesis

Joint work with Chris Lambie-Hanson. Abstract. We derive a forcing axiom from the conjunction of square and diamond, and present a few applications, primary among them being the existence of super-Souslin trees. It follows that for every uncountable cardinal $\lambda$, … Continue reading

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Bell’s theorem on the cardinal invariant $\mathfrak p$

In this post, we shall provide a proof to a famous theorem of Murray Bell stating that $MA_\kappa(\text{the class of }\sigma\text{-centered posets})$ holds iff $\kappa<\mathfrak p$. We commence with defining the cardinal invariant $\mathfrak p$. For sets $A$ and $B$, … Continue reading

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