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Same Graph, Different Universe

Abstract. May the same graph admit two different chromatic numbers in two different universes? how about infinitely many different values? and can this be achieved without changing the cardinals structure? In this paper, it is proved that in Godel’s constructible … Continue reading

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INFTY Final Conference, March 2014

I gave an invited talk at the INFTY Final Conference meeting, Bonn, March 4-7, 2014. [Curiosity: Georg Cantor was born March 3, 1845] Title: Same Graph, Different Universe. Abstract: In a paper from 1998, answering a question of Hajnal, Soukup … Continue reading

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Mathematics Colloquium, Bar-Ilan University, November 2013

I gave a colloquium talk at Bar-Ilan University on November 10, 2013. Title: Forcing as a tool to prove theorems Abstract: Paul Cohen celebrated solution to Hilbert’s first problem showed that the Continuum Hypothesis is independent of the usual axioms of … Continue reading

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c.c.c. vs. the Knaster property

After my previous post on Mekler’s characterization of c.c.c. notions of forcing, Sam, Mike and myself discussed the value of it . We noticed that a prevalent verification of the c.c.c. goes like this: given an uncountable set of conditions, … Continue reading

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