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Strong failures of higher analogs of Hindman’s Theorem

Joint work with David J. Fernández Bretón. Abstract.  We show that various analogs of Hindman’s Theorem fail in a strong sense when one attempts to obtain uncountable monochromatic sets: Theorem 1. There exists a colouring $c:\mathbb R\rightarrow\mathbb Q$, such that … Continue reading

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A large cardinal in the constructible universe

In this post, we shall provide a proof of Silver’s theorem that the Erdos caridnal $\kappa(\omega)$ relativizes to Godel’s constructible universe. First, recall some definitions. Given a function $f:[\kappa]^{<\omega}\rightarrow \mu$, we say that $I\subseteq\kappa$ is a set of indiscernibles for … Continue reading

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