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A Kurepa tree from diamond-plus

Recall that $T$ is said to be a $\kappa$-Kurepa tree if $T$ is a tree of height $\kappa$, whose levels $T_\alpha$ has size $\le|\alpha|$ for co-boundedly many $\alpha<\kappa$, and such that the set of branches of $T$ has size $>\kappa$. … Continue reading

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Jensen’s diamond principle and its relatives

This is chapter 6 in the book Set Theory and Its Applications (ISBN: 0821848127). Abstract: We survey some recent results on the validity of Jensen’s diamond principle at successor cardinals. We also discuss weakening of this principle such as club … Continue reading

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A relative of the approachability ideal, diamond and non-saturation

Abstract: Let $\lambda$ denote a singular cardinal. Zeman, improving a previous result of Shelah, proved that $\square^*_\lambda$ together with $2^\lambda=\lambda^+$ implies $\diamondsuit_S$ for every $S\subseteq\lambda^+$ that reflects stationarily often. In this paper, for a subset $S\subset\lambda^+$, a normal subideal of … Continue reading

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