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A Microscopic approach to Souslin-tree constructions. Part I

Joint work with Ari Meir Brodsky. Abstract.  We propose a parameterized proxy principle from which $\kappa$-Souslin trees with various additional features can be constructed, regardless of the identity of $\kappa$. We then introduce the microscopic approach, which is a simple … Continue reading

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Putting a diamond inside the square

Abstract. By a 35-year-old theorem of Shelah, $\square_\lambda+\diamondsuit(\lambda^+)$ does not imply square-with-built-in-diamond_lambda for regular uncountable cardinals $\lambda$. Here, it is proved that $\square_\lambda+\diamondsuit(\lambda^+)$ is equivalent to square-with-built-in-diamond_lambda for every singular cardinal $\lambda$. Downloads: Citation information: A. Rinot, Putting a diamond inside … Continue reading

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Many diamonds from just one

Recall Jensen’s diamond principle over a stationary subset $S$ of a regular uncountable cardinal $\kappa$: there exists a sequence $\langle A_\alpha\mid \alpha\in S \rangle$ such that $\{\alpha\in S\mid A\cap\alpha=A_\alpha\}$ is stationary for every $A\subseteq\kappa$. Equivalently, there exists a sequence $\langle … Continue reading

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Variations on diamond

Jensen’s diamond principle has many equivalent forms. The translation between these forms is often straight-forward, but there is one form whose equivalence to the usual form is somewhat surprising, and Devlin’s translation from one to the other, seems a little … Continue reading

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The search for diamonds

Abstract: This is a review I wrote for the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic  on the following papers: Saharon Shelah, Middle Diamond, Archive for Mathematical Logic, vol. 44 (2005), pp. 527–560. Saharon Shelah, Diamonds, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, vol. … Continue reading

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Jensen’s diamond principle and its relatives

This is chapter 6 in the book Set Theory and Its Applications (ISBN: 0821848127). Abstract: We survey some recent results on the validity of Jensen’s diamond principle at successor cardinals. We also discuss weakening of this principle such as club … Continue reading

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Shelah’s solution to Whitehead’s problem

Whitehead problem notes in hebrew : Table of contents Chapter 0 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 References

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The failure of diamond on a reflecting stationary set

Joint work with Moti Gitik. Abstract: It is shown that the failure of $\diamondsuit_S$, for a subset $S\subseteq\aleph_{\omega+1}$ that reflects stationarily often, is consistent with GCH and $\text{AP}_{\aleph_\omega}$, relatively to the existence of a supercompact cardinal. This should be comapred with … Continue reading

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A relative of the approachability ideal, diamond and non-saturation

Abstract: Let $\lambda$ denote a singular cardinal. Zeman, improving a previous result of Shelah, proved that $\square^*_\lambda$ together with $2^\lambda=\lambda^+$ implies $\diamondsuit_S$ for every $S\subseteq\lambda^+$ that reflects stationarily often. In this paper, for a subset $S\subset\lambda^+$, a normal subideal of … Continue reading

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On guessing generalized clubs at the successors of regulars

Abstract: Konig, Larson and Yoshinobu initiated the study of principles for guessing generalized clubs, and introduced a construction of an higher Souslin tree from the strong guessing principle. Complementary to the author’s work on the validity of diamond and non-saturation … Continue reading

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