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The 14th International Workshop on Set Theory in Luminy

I gave an invited talk at the 14th International Workshop on Set Theory in Luminy in Marseille, October 2017. Talk Title: Distributive Aronszajn trees Abstract: It is well-known that that the statement “all $\aleph_1$-Aronszajn trees are special” is consistent with ZFC … Continue reading

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Distributive Aronszajn trees

Joint work with Ari Meir Brodsky. Abstract.  Ben-David and Shelah proved that if $\lambda$ is a singular strong-limit cardinal and $2^\lambda=\lambda^+$, then $\square^*_\lambda$ entails the existence of a $\lambda$-distributive $\lambda^+$-Aronszajn tree. Here, it is proved that the same conclusion remains … Continue reading

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The eightfold way

Joint work with James Cummings, Sy-David Friedman, Menachem Magidor, and Dima Sinapova. Abstract. Three central combinatorial properties in set theory are the tree property, the approachability property and stationary reflection. We prove the mutual independence of these properties by showing … Continue reading

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Chain conditions of products, and weakly compact cardinals

Abstract.  The history of productivity of the $\kappa$-chain condition in partial orders, topological spaces, or Boolean algebras is surveyed, and its connection to the set-theoretic notion of a weakly compact cardinal is highlighted. Then, it is proved that for every … Continue reading

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PFA and the tree property at $\aleph_2$

Recall that a poset $\langle T,\le\rangle$ is said to be a $\lambda^+$-Aronszajn tree, if it isomorphic to a poset $(\mathcal T,\subseteq)$ of the form: $\emptyset\in \mathcal T\subseteq{}^{<\lambda^+}\lambda$; Write $\mathcal T_\alpha:=\{\sigma\in\mathcal T\mid \text{dom}(\sigma)=\alpha\}$; for all $\alpha<\lambda^+$, $\mathcal T_\alpha$ has size $\le\lambda$, … Continue reading

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A cofinality-preserving small forcing may introduce a special Aronszajn tree

Extended Abstract: Shelah proved that Cohen forcing introduces a Souslin tree; Jensen proved that a c.c.c. forcing may consistently add a Kurepa tree; Todorcevic proved that a Knaster poset may already force the Kurepa hypothesis; Irrgang introduced a c.c.c. notion … Continue reading

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