MFO workshop in Set Theory, January 2014

I gave an invited talk at the Set Theory workshop in Obwerwolfach, January 2014.

Talk Title: Complicated Colorings.

Abstract: If $\lambda,\kappa$ are regular cardinals, $\lambda>\kappa^+$, and $E^{\lambda}_{\ge\kappa}$ admits a nonreflecting stationary set, then $\text{Pr}_1(\lambda,\lambda,\lambda,\kappa)$ holds.

Assaf Rinot

Photo courtesy of Todd Eisworth


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5 Responses to MFO workshop in Set Theory, January 2014

  1. saf says:

    Slides from the workshop will be collected at the following page.


  2. Drats, I’d love being there.

    Oh well, see you in Bonn!


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