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A strong form of König’s lemma

A student proposed to me the following strong form of König’s lemma: Conjecture. Suppose that $G=(V,E)$ is a countable a graph, and there is a partition of $V$ into countably many pieces $V=\bigcup_{n<\omega}V_n$, such that: for all $n<\omega$, $V_n$ is … Continue reading

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Prikry forcing may add a Souslin tree

A celebrated theorem of Shelah states that adding a Cohen real introduces a Souslin tree. Are there any other examples of notions of forcing that add a $\kappa$-Souslin tree? and why is this of interest? My motivation comes from a … Continue reading

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The reflection principle $R_2$

A few years ago, in this paper, I introduced the following reflection principle: Definition. $R_2(\theta,\kappa)$ asserts that for every function $f:E^\theta_{<\kappa}\rightarrow\kappa$, there exists some $j<\kappa$ for which the following set is nonstationary: $$A_j:=\{\delta\in E^\theta_\kappa\mid f^{-1}[j]\cap\delta\text{ is nonstationary}\}.$$ I wrote there … Continue reading

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Prolific Souslin trees

In a paper from 1971, Erdos and Hajnal asked whether (assuming CH) every coloring witnessing $\aleph_1\nrightarrow[\aleph_1]^2_3$ has a rainbow triangle. The negative solution was given in a 1975 paper by Shelah, and the proof and relevant definitions may be found … Continue reading

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Generalizations of Martin’s Axiom and the well-met condition

Recall that Martin’s Axiom asserts that for every partial order $\mathbb P$ satisfying c.c.c., and for any family $\mathcal D$ of $<2^{\aleph_0}$ many dense subsets of $\mathbb P$, there exists a directed subset $G$ of $\mathbb P$ such that $G\cap … Continue reading

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Many diamonds from just one

Recall Jensen’s diamond principle over a stationary subset $S$ of a regular uncountable cardinal $\kappa$: there exists a sequence $\langle A_\alpha\mid \alpha\in S \rangle$ such that $\{\alpha\in S\mid A\cap\alpha=A_\alpha\}$ is stationary for every $A\subseteq\kappa$. Equivalently, there exists a sequence $\langle … Continue reading

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Happy new jewish year!

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Square principles

Since the birth of Jensen’s original Square principle, many variations of the principle were introduced and intensively studied. Asaf Karagila suggested me today to put some order into all of these principles. Here is a trial. Definition. A square principle … Continue reading

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Partitioning the club guessing

In a recent paper, I am making use of the following  fact. Theorem (Shelah, 1997). Suppose that $\kappa$ is an accessible cardinal (i.e., there exists a cardinal $\theta<\kappa$ such that $2^\theta\ge\kappa)$. Then there exists a sequence $\langle g_\delta:C_\delta\rightarrow\omega\mid \delta\in E^{\kappa^+}_\kappa\rangle$ … Continue reading

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Walk on countable ordinals: the characteristics

In this post, we shall present a few aspects of the method of walk on ordinals (focusing on countable ordinals), record its characteristics, and verify some of their properties. All definitions and results in this post are due to Todorcevic. … Continue reading

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